Banana nicecream - low FODMAP recipe

I had quite the epiphany when I learned about vegan ice cream, or nicecream, as it is also called. Nicecream (or just banana icecream as we call it at home, because my boyfriend thinks that nicecream sounds annoying) is so easy to make and at the same time totally healthy!


When I first realised the many possibilities os banana ice cream (I promised my boyfriend that I would stop calling it Nicecream) I could hardly stop again.

Why, you might ask?

Well, besides the fact that it tastes great and is so much healthier than many other desserts with added sugar, the banana ice cream is naturally low FODMAP. And that just makes it so much easier!

So your base is low FODMAP and all you have to do is add other low FODMAP foods – and you’re in business.

I’ve made strawberry banana ice cream with basil as you shown above, or banana ice cream with chopped dark chocolate, banana ice cream with cocoa powder or banana ice cream with peanut butter – just yum!

Banana nicecream - low FODMAP recipe

The possibilities are endless, and therefore I just give you a few tips on how to make your ice cream and what flavours to choose.

Even though banana ice cream is very easy, there are just a few things to take into consideration before starting.

First of all, your banana must be frozen – maybe that was a given.

But even more important is that you don’t freeze your banana(s) until it is really ripe. It has to be so ripe that it has quite a few dark spots or even better, completely brown outside. Image the banana that is always left alone in the fruit bowl, and that nobody really wants to eat. The banana that most people would probably just throw out in the end. That banana is absolutely perfect and ready to be frozen.

You can easily freeze the whole banana, but I like to cut it into small pieces first.

And then you have to choose your plant milk. Almond milk is low FODMAP and naturally sweet, so it’s my go-to milk. It’s also naturally creamy, so it’s definitely my suggestion.

When you make your banana ice cream, add a bunch of plant milk to your frozen bananas, and then just blend. I just use a bamix blender and it can blend the frozen bananas straight from the freezer. Probably not all blenders can do that. If your blender is less powerfull it might be a good idea to to let them thaw a little bit before blending.

And of course you should add enough milk to blend, but not so much that it becomes liquid. Start with just a small amount and add a little more if necessary.

And then you just have to choose your favorite flavour!

If you want strawberry ice cream, just add frozen strawberries, approx. 1.5 times more than the amount of banana. We like a little fresh basil in our strawberry ice cream.

You can also add a cocoa powder to make chocolate ice cream. Or chopped, dark chocolate. Or a little peanutbutter. I’m also a big fan of a little cinnamon in my banana ice cream. I really think I’ll have that again soon … It’s really just up to you to play around with your favorite fruits or nuts.

And even better: Banan ice cream is really just a thick and frozen smoothie. So you can also eat ice cream for breakfast … I have not been able to control myself after I realised that. Ice cream for breakfast …